It was long ago and far away, and it was so much better than it is today...

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Goodwill Find - Spartus Digital Clock

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering around the increasingly disappointing local Goodwills shop and ran across this little gem, a Spartus Solid State Battery Reserve digital clock.  I've since learned that this is in fact the "Spartus Lunar LED Digital Clock", and found that it has been around since at least 1981, as found in an ad from the November 26, 1981 Cincinnati Enquirer, where it was advertised for $24.97 (which would be $69.23[!] in 2018 dollars).  It was still on the market in 1984 where we find an ad in the Paris (TX) News for $14.97 ($36.31 2018) marked down from $19.99 ($48.49 2018).  So the $2.99 ($2.99 2018) that I plocked out for this was a steal!  I probably would have passed, but a) this was in good shape, no major scratches or breaks, b) it appeared to actually work (not a given at the Goodwills), and c) I wanted a clock in my office (see last pic) that would fit in to the so-called aesthetic, and would be visible from my desk chair while I was working.  This checked all the boxes, so here you have it:

Saturday, December 15, 2018

SNL - Wait for it...

This weeks SNL post is taking longer than anticipated, but it is a classic episode, so just wait for it, yo!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday Night Live - Michael Palin (Doobie Brothers) - January 27, 1979

A month or so ago we announced we would be (attempting) a classic SNL review every Saturday, but then a hurricane hit, family stuff, travel for work, yadda yadda yadda, and it hasn't happened...until tonight! 

Tonight we look at one of four classic full-show SNL VHS tapes, from way back in 1989 before Lorne Michaels's Broadway Video took over releasing SNL-related stuff  (and before he started cannibalize them into "best-of" tripe).  No, this the full show just as it aired way back in 1976, including a lot of original tripe of its own.  

It start with the typical cold-open, with Dan Akroyd giving a speech as then-President Jimmy Carter (evidently Jimmy had a bout of hemorrhoids that week...), then queue the opening and intro section.

In "Tinkling the Ivories" Lisa Lubner (Gilda radner) takes piano lessons from Mr. Brighton (Palin), who is somewhat of a creep (OK, he may be full on pedo).  I've noticed a reoccuring theme in these very early SNLs along these lines, the Burt Reynold's episode goes way over the line, this one with Palin gets close, looks over the edge, and then thankfully backs away.

In the "What if..." segment we imagine "What if" Superman had been a Nazi?  You can definitely see the Michael O'Donoghue influence on this one.

And now we are subjected to The Doobie Brothers.

Next up is "Weekend Update", and this was just after the unfortunate Gator Bowl in which Head Coach Woody Hayes actually punched a player on the oposite team for having the audacity to intecept Ohio State.  We see John Belushi as Coach Hayes doing his best with a rather pedestrian skit.  Then we're treated to a segment with Father Guido Sarducci telling us about the "Holy Relics" he found in Mexico City...

"Family Classic" feels like it may have some Palin, ala "Ripping Yarns" injected in to it, but it falls way flat.

And now for something completely different: more Doobie Brothers.  Then a skit called "Name the bats", which is best forgotten.

And speaking of things that are best forgotten...I'm guessing Al Franken had pictures of Lorne Michaels with a gorilla or something, that's the only possible explanation for why he was ever allowed on SNL, over and over and over...however, this skit is actually "clever" (which is the brand of so-called comedy he shoots for), in that it parodies porn AND what was allowed on TV back then.  But it still is pretty bad.

Oh No! It's Mr. Bill!

And roll credits...